Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GSoC: Anjuta JavaScript Integration

My project consists of two parts.
1.Code complete

This feature is implemented by plugin for anjuta and parser for anjuta-tags.
Here are some possibilities:

Complete for the names of variables (std / local) .

Determination type of variable and completion for it members
Completion for special objects

Determination return type of function
Integration with SymbolDB

Highlights missing semicolon:

2.JS Debugger plugin
Debugger with possibility of stepIn/stepOut/Breakpoints/Stacktrace/eval

svn checkout http://anjuta-js-support.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ anjuta-js-support

1. Apply patch(trunk/anjuta-patch) to Anjuta
2. Copy files from trunk/anjuta-tags to anjuta/plugins/symbol-db/anjuta-tags
3. Compile and install Anjuta
4. Compile and install plugin( trunk/language-support-plugin)

1. Compile and install plugin( trunk/js-debugger-plugin)
2. Add 2 files to your project (trunk/js-app/src/debug.c & trunk/js-app/src/debug.h)